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Welcome to my blog. You'll find information about myself and samples of the residential and commercial projects I've completed. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs at any time.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I have to say that 2016 was a good year for my art. Lot's of entries and awards. But 2017 is proving to be pretty good too! I entered The Splash watercolor competition and was one of 126 winners out of 1700 international entries. So next year in June I will be featured in the magazine. I'm really excited to be with so many accomplished artists!

The painting was called "Griffin, Iggy and Chloe and was a commission by Lori Butler of San Rafael, CA.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Zebra Doves in Kauai-Kauai Series. Watercolor.
2016 Marin County Art Fair entry. First Place.
2016 Marin Society of Artists Honorable Mention.
2016 Watercolor Artists of Sonoma. Best of Show.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Koloa Town Bus Stop. Acrylic - 24" x 36".
2016 Marin County Art Fair entry. Honorable Mention.
2016 Marin Society of Artists. Third Place

2 Japanese White-Eyed Vireos in a big tree. They're painted in acrylics on a wood block. They were so small in this very big tree, you had to be really patient looking for them.

Recently shown at the Marin Society of Artists.

Green Velvet. Watercolor.
Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donald

White Calla lilies Watercolor.
2016 Marin County Art Fair entry.

Sharons' Magnolia on Furushiki. Watercolor.
2016 89th Marin Society of Artists Show.

St. Patrick Shamrock. Watercolor. Awarded 3rd place Marin Society of Artists Show.
2016 Marin County Art Fair entry.

Cymbidium Kosano Gold. Watercolor.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Griffin, Iggy and Chloe

Watercolor of Griffin, Iggy (French Bulldog) and Chloe enjoying a funny moment together on Super Hero bedsheets.16" x 20". Commissioned art piece.
Where has the year gone? I guess by now my viewers are aware that I don't post very regularly. Sharing my thoughts and feelings has always been a challenge for me. Hopefully, I can overcome this and begin to explain what my Art is all about.

I've been painting my Kauai bird series and I'm now doing a watercolor of a Night Flying Heron that I watched for the entire week overlooking the lagoon. He was amazing. Very calculated slow moves ( like in slow motion ) while he was fishing. Two wonderful plumes on the back of his head that moved. A deep blue back of feathers that I can't even describe the color. I'll probably use metallic blue to emphasize the luminosity reflected by the sun. At night he would fly across the lagoon and make a honking sound and then return in the morning to begin again his daily routine.

I hope to continue to blog more often. That is my goal.


Monday, April 9, 2012


"Sandy has been painting portraits for a long time and her technique 
is simply "WOW". After discussing my initial thoughts and the project, 
Sandy came up with what would be interesting and fun to paint.
She included both my daughter and Jejune in the portrait.
You can see the portrait on her blog. However it's hard to describe,
but there is a great deal of feeling and depth that is captured 
in the painting. Each hair is simply lovingly painted, simply amazing."
C. Tanouye

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've moved!

Well, I've moved back to the Bay area and am living in San Rafael in Marin County. My kitties, Wabi and Sabi had a little trouble with the move but after almost a couple of months they are finally adjusting to the house. My studio is finally up and running and I can't wait to get started on a new portrait.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm a Dog, Cat and Bird Lover!

Thank you for visiting my site on behalf of your furry, feathered or scaly friend!
I will create a beautiful watercolor portrait that will inspire and show a remarkable likeness both in physical likeness and personality.

I have had cat friends my whole life and below is one of my favorite snap shots
of Sabi as a kitten and I am in the process of making a watercolor
of this beautiful cat, now 4 years old.

A dog lover too!

My furry friends include dogs and while I'm not the Dog Whisper
I've grown up and have been around dogs all my life.
Below is a photo of our beloved yellow lab, Sandii-dog
that we had for eleven years.

Sandii-dog. See her watercolor portrait in the sample page.

And the Birds

This red-crested cardinal visited me every day on my lanai in Kauai.
He ate crumbs from my hand moving his head
in all sorts of angles as he carefully watched me.
I had to paint him as soon as I returned to the mainland.

See painting in Dog, Cat and Bird Samples.